How to Use AppDJ

stephane.rufer 9 years ago 0

Are you new to AppDJ and are wondering how it works? Here is some information that could help.

Basically you can move the sliders (vertical bars on the top) to fit the type of apps you would like to see. Then you can scroll through the grid of apps below. If you find you that looks interesting you can click on it and the details of the app are shown. It is from this same screen you can then install the app (redirect to Google Play).

Here are some reviews that describe the app and how it works in a bit more detail:




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrAFWe4bGtA (Russian video review)

Have fun finding new apps!

And here is the official blog where all the lastest news is posted: http://androidapplab.tumblr.com/